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Seller says Surf has "Timing Belt Alarm"

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  • Seller says Surf has "Timing Belt Alarm"

    Hey everyone, been years since I've been on here because I unfortunately had to sell my Surf. But hopefully that is going to change!

    I have a lead on a JDM 1992 Surf that has 200,000km in it. The owner claims that it runs and drives fine, but has a loud timing belt alarm going off and then says it will need an engine rebuild or injectors.

    ​​​​​​To my knowledge there is no timing belt alarm. Simply the light on the dash. Which leads me to believe the alarm is unrelated (maybe the horn is malfunctioning or something?)

    Can anyone think what a "loud alarm" might be in the cab?

    ​​​​​​​Cheers, hope everyone is doing well

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    Yes no sound for the timing belt in the 1992 surf, only an orange dash light if I remember correctly.

    Injectors and engine rebuild is a big difference... you better have a good look at the vehicle and see.