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LN130 2LTE black smoke and lack of power

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  • LN130 2LTE black smoke and lack of power

    Hi this is my first thread here, forum looks to be really helpful.

    Just did a manual conversion on a '93 2LTE. Swapped out ECU, gearbox, wiring loom and throttle body. Is an EFI model.

    Got the truck to startup is drivable but chunders out alot of black smoke when on the throttle which would be an inidication of burning diesel? so went and retarded the diesel pump timing by 1 notch (rotated left 1 notch).

    This didn't fix it, so I read online that the ECU stores information on the pump timing and the only way to clear it is to drain the capacitors in the ECU, so I disconnected the batteries and left the lights on full beam to drain residual power waited 8 hours and reconnected with no success.

    Since then I've replaced all the filters and done an oil change. Still no success. I'll attach a video link showing what I'm talking about.

    Has no engine check lights and will idle at about 900. There is a significant lack of power when driving up hills etc, goes slow in first gear up hills.

    All suggestions would be appreciated as I'm at a loss.