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Best radiator replacement for LN130 2.4D?

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  • Best radiator replacement for LN130 2.4D?

    Hi there. Well my radiator is shot. The car has definitely been running hot so I'm going to replace the rad, fan, pump, thermostat etc. I'd like to upgrade the rad if possible, neither Milners or Roughtrax are selling one. Does anyone have any recommendations, what's the latest thinking on radiators?

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    So from what I've read the Aluminium/Plastic radiators are to be avoided. Aluminium radiators aren't actually as efficient at heat dissipation as the brass radiators are, so for the same cooling capability I'll need a bigger rad....


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      Ok, spoke to some experts and evidently what I've said above isn't true - ally rads acan be just as good at dissipating heat. What they do say though is that if you ding them, or they spring a leak they almost always can't be repaired. So the best option is a standard brass and steel rad which is what I've gone for. 3 cores.


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        The RT rads are widely used and seem to have good reviews. However do some tests to check that the head is not cracked, especially since you are saying it has been running hot for a while.