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Oil leak from the alternator!!

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  • Oil leak from the alternator!!

    Hi there, well some months ago my Surf blew up on the motorway and I thought the old girl was a gonner at last! Due to other commitments I've only just found the problem, as per attached photo. This was a replacement alternator, only replaced shortly before the oil loss so I should have thought this was the problem. The pipe which has come away comes with the alternator - it just slides into the hole in the alternator body. It's a tight fit but maybe not enough not to come off with oil pressure. Can anyone advise whether it's a faulty piece of kit, or should I just seal it back in somehow?

    Many thanks.

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    That's the exhauster, it's what diesel's use to pull a vacuum for the brakes etc. It won't affect the engine. It's not faulty.
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