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2LTE Tapping Noise

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  • 2LTE Tapping Noise

    A few weeks back, seemingly overnight, my 1991 Surf SSR-G (2LTE) became much louder while running.

    So far it is difficult to narrow down, but sounds closer to the top of the engine. I put a screwdriver to my ear and poked around but could not pinpoint it.
    I haven't had much time to dig into it, so the truck has sat mostly parked, while I drove the rest of the fleet.

    The few times I have started it up, I've noticed the sound is gone while the engine is cold. After a short drive (2 km to work), the sound is back. The truck is now at my workplace so I can use the shop to begin sorting it out.

    Most notably, the truck runs exactly the same as normal. No extra smoke, no loss of power. Just noise. This makes it hard to believe that the timing belt has slipped or otherwise went out.

    Just looking for any guidance as to what I should check instead of ripping into it blindly. So far my plans are:

    Run the truck, crack open the injector lines one at a time
    Check Fuel pump timing
    Pull timing cover and inspect components
    Pull Valve cover and inspect valves/clearance (I've never done a valve job before)

    Recently, the truck has had some work done:

    - Front main seal went, replaced it and the timing belt (water pump and idlers are still fairly new)
    - Resistor mod on fuel pump (could a bad resistor cause this knocking sound?)
    -Idler arm, tie rod ends, alignment (not engine related)

    Here is a short clip of what it sounds like:

    Any wisdom out there? Thanks for reading!

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    Hi, I came across this thread whilst searching for "Valve clearance" Surf has been making a noise similar to yours and I think mine slipped a tooth on the cambelt. What did your problem turn out to be in the end?