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Delay in engaging 4WD

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  • Delay in engaging 4WD


    My 1992 LN130 has an issue. After pressing the 4WD button to engage high ratio 4wd it takes about half a mile for the 4wd light to come on. Upon pressing the button I can hear the relay click immediately it just takes ages for the light to come on / 4wd to work. I've tried reversing back and driving forwards etc with no luck.

    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated, cheers James.

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    Hi James,
    This problem may just be down to a lazy actuator I had similar issues quite a few years ago now with my LN130 (not much use) if ya not constantly going Offroad.. Try putting it in 4WD via the High/ Low range lever (gear selector in N) after ya done this put it back in High n try the button, do this few times a week for a couple of weeks n hopefully it will solve ya problem when ya next try it a few months later.... Keep us informed if it worked or not ...
    Good Luck ..

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      Great, thank you ! I shall give that a try for a few weeks and report back. I am certainly hoping it is a lazy actuator !