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Belfast city centre gen 3 blue

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  • Belfast city centre gen 3 blue

    Spotted about 10 mins ago.
    Thought you were up for a chat!

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    wasn't me!
    fancy a coffee in McDonalds Boucher Rd this week sometime?
    I'll bring my blue Gen3


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      Sounds like a plan.

      Cant do Wednesday tho. Anyother time should be fine.

      Il see if the other guy from Dunmurray is interested.


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        ....say Friday lunchtime...anyone???
        Mr Budweiser, you might need to leave now to get here on time! ��


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          yes, I could do McDonalds at 1 tomorrow?
          let me know!


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            See you there


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              Originally posted by Jazzy G View Post
              ....say Friday lunchtime...anyone???
              Mr Budweiser, you might need to leave now to get here on time! ��

              next time!
              the wolf is always bigger when you are scared!!


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                Sorry Guys, only got back on this morning, been rehearsing all week for upcoming gigs, would love to meet up soon for comparisons/ visuals/questions and general craic, give me a shout well in advance, and I'm sure we can take over a car park somewhere soon!


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                  Hey I have to have a coffee with the boss so might be a wee bit late, grab a coffee in McDs I might be between 1:15 and 1:30 before I get there


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                    Was good to meet you the other day John!
                    With your electrical and my mechanical knowledge we should be able to keep both our trucks running for a long time. It was interesting to see the difference between a 2nd and 3rd Gen but the thing that surprised me most is how dangerously vague my steering is compared to yours. I think you did well with your purchase, mechanically it felt very sound.

                    Should definitely meet up again to share progress. Craig I reckon you should set time and place this time ��

                    I saw a gen2 heading down the motorway when I was on the way home, not sure if that was some one else heading to meet us?


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                      Thanks Geoff!
                      Not quite a misspent youth on my part - more of a misspent middle age!

                      I saw another blue gen2 along the Lisburn Rd on my way home this afternoon HJZ 9657 near the fire station. Have a pic on my iPhone which I'll post up later.

                      meet again soon
                      I'll try to get the guy that bought my red one to come along too


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                        Is that your Gen 3 for sale?
                        The Saab leather seats gave it away!
                        Got another surf lined up for replacement?


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                          yip! I bought another (in Japan) and it's on its way
                          it has 50,000km on the clock

                          I'l post up some pictures when it gets here
                          same era, Gen3 1996 and all that - but sky blue rather than dark blue

                          had 2 offers for mine this week but I'm holding out for 2k - or else I'll keep it


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                            50K!!! Is it a diesel? What site did you find that on?

                            You should def get 2K for it, especially when they are so rare over here.


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                              I don't really care at the mo - I'd almost prefer to keep as a spare

                              I got my "new" one for

                              almost bought one from

                              the best bargains are the 2WD 2.7 petrols - they come up all the time at less than a grand, and under 100k miles. really, how often is crawler gear and 4WD used unless off road or pulling horse boxes or something

                     tend to have cleaner lower mileage examples, be forward bit rougher higher mileage

                              I was lucky, I just watched and waited & got one with 50,000km = 30k miles!!