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  • Beast!!!


    Was that you I spotted coming up from Lanner on Wednesday at about 5.20ish??? You were waving and flashing your lights like a mad thing!!!

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    Yep, surely was m8. I pointed out another surf to my m8 and gave a flash and wave, u waved back.


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      Its the first time in weeks that someone has waved!!!! Made my day!

      My sister lives in Carharrack and drives a moded purple mini 1 (used to have a yellow one covered in daisy's, you may have seen it!) - all the mini owners wave at each other but it seems not all surf drivers are quite as friendly!


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        No, dont seem to be round here m8. Guy from work used to live out carharrack, he lives up frogpool now though.


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          None of the Surf owners over here seem to wave. I always do but the only one I have had in return was a kinda half hearted and staring as if I had two heads (thinking - who the hell is that) type of wave. Shame as there is loads of Surfs over here on the Isle of Surf
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            LOL i think there are a lot of grumpy drivers out there|!!!! the other day we drove from plymouth to weston super mare, tugging the carvan behind us, and hubby and i decided to wave at all the caravans going the other way NOT ONE waved back all the way there, may be its just us but we are nosey every caravan or surf going the other way we always look.!!!!!!!


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              When we are towing not many other caravaners tend to wave or acknowledge us either only the kids get replies. I think people have become very wary of others or plane ignorant at times.