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Upgrade options for 93 hilux surf 1kz-te

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  • Upgrade options for 93 hilux surf 1kz-te

    Greetings from Oregon! I managed to get my hands on a 93 hilux, which we don’t have much of here in the states. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend upgrades. Do they make performance chips? Variable nozzle turbos? Intercooler?

    it’s hard to find parts and shops that can work on these so I’m trying to learn as much as possible. I just want to get better fuel economy/power out of it.

    thanks in advance

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    get rid of egr, clean the manifold intake as probably is full of rubbish.
    If auto, separate the transmission cooling of the rad by putting another rad.
    Check Injectors, rebuild them if possible, change all seals of fuel pump, ....
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      I recommend a Timing Belt change along with Water Pump (may need rear housing as well if corroded) and tensioner, seals etc.


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        The egr was removed already. Going to do the manifold next, and my turbo has a high pitched whirring, so they both likely need a good cleaning. The previous owner upgraded the fan assembly and the top end of the engine was recently rebuilt/timed.

        If this turbo is going out, are there good upgrades? Or will the ecu negate any efforts? Can that be bypassed or upgraded, or will that require replacing the pump too?


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          That’s my rig. It was in a magazine a few years ago.