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1994 Hilux Surf KZ1 TE injector pump leak issue

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  • 1994 Hilux Surf KZ1 TE injector pump leak issue

    Hey folks,discovered yeterday that my 1994 Hilux Surf has a fuel leak from the back part of the pump where the injector high pressure lines go to the pump. There is a big nut-cap in the middle of the pump cast head and the fuel seeps out between =the cap o ring.

    My question is>Is it safe to remove the cap to change the O-ring with the pump still attached to the engine as it is,or is it going to affect the timing or any other moving parts in the pumps head?

    MArked the detail and o Ring on the picture

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    From the looks of things, it’s just a cap. I wouldn’t think it would have any effect on timing at all as it doesn’t engage or interface with anything that could rotate.