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1st Hilux Surf! so excited... (neewb)

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  • 1st Hilux Surf! so excited... (neewb)

    Good day!
    I finally hit the "Buy It Now" button, Kinda nervous as I never bought a vehicle on eghey before.. let alone sight unseen in person, let alone from another country! (you folks)

    I have ALWAYS wanted a toyota diesel, but never available in the states:( saw this one and fell in love. I took a BIG chance and won this 94 ssrx limited wide. looked to be in excellent condition in the pics and video..
    My first things I want to do are lockers F/ R and real off road lamps! since all the basics have been taken care of...
    94 Surf 3.0 Diesel. Portland, OR. US damn yank!

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    Very nice have fun with it, surfs are great & you have the winter pack.
    The sh$t gets deeper ...but still swimming


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      looks nice, not like mine which looks like it came through WW2. two batteries excellent for winter starting etc. have fun