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  • Engine Swap Question

    I am the new owner of a 1983 Toyota Pickup 2WD, DLX, LN40, L Diesel (2.2), w/ 5-Speed Standard Transmission. It appears the current engine will need a major overhaul. It has bad compression in one cylinder, injector pump needs replacement, head gasket leaks, etc. The technician I am working with indicates he can purchase and import a new engine for replacement (but he's not sure about compatibility with different models). I am considering taking advantage of this opportunity to upgrade to a later model, like a 2L, 2L-II, 2LT, etc . (My tech has warned of compatibility issues with a 2LTE).

    My question is would any one, or all, of the above engines make for a simple and easy replacement?

    I am in the USA where this truck is extremely rare.

    Any guidance or suggestions will be appreciated

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    [FONT=Cambria]I posted this thread on four different forums (two places on one forum). I’ve received a few responses. Folks concur that any one of the later models (even up to a 5L) should swap in easily. The truck was engineered for an L. I don’t think it wise to push the power beyond the original engineering too far. I think I’ll steer clear of turbo options. A couple folks lit upon the 2LTE (negatively) ---even though I expressed I don’t want that one. One reason I love this little rig is it is all analogue and manual. Simple. ---Nothing automatic, and no computerized components. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Cambria]I drove an ’83 Toyota F60 Cruiser (petrol) for 25 years before she finally buckled underneath me (although I believe it is still trundling around in the forests of Mendicino County). I swore next time around I’d do it right with a diesel ---just makes sense. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Cambria]I’m going to proceed and start shopping for a 3L. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Cambria]I just wish somebody would post and confirm they’d actually done the swap or seen it done first hand.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Cambria]Thanks for any input.[/FONT]


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      Sorry. That made for a really ugly copy and paste.


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        Not much help but also think any L series should use the same engine mounts. 3L should be a good as long as you don't need a rocket. Some even turbo using the Toyota Surf 2.4Ltr parts. This forum is very quiet these days as Surfs are getting very rare. Even the Australian site disappeared about eight months ago, and I am yet to find out what happened there. It was an excellent site.


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          If you accept PMs I can send you a link that could help with diagrams and parts.



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            I received your PM with link. This is an excellent resource. Thank you very much.


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              No problem. I have the proper EPC but yet to get it operating on the new computer. May not work so this is the alternative. Better than nothing. Part numbers may be a little obsolete, but Toyota get match up anything there.



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                Hello matey

                Greetings from the UK

                A 1983 Hilux is actually quite rare over here to be fair, probably why you've had only a few responses.

                Anything will fit if you make it.

                I have a 1989 Hilux Surf 1st gen (like a mk2 hilux) which there are only about 10 left on the road in the UK. That's had a 1995 1KZ/T (mech pump, not EFI) put in. Engine mounts had to be made but it fits and works great.

                I also have a 1993 Hilux surf 2nd gen (like a mk3 hilux) which I'm in the process of putting a 4.0 litre 1UZ lexus engine in. The 1UZ engine is a very popular one; people put it in anything from 70's landcruisers through to non jap cars like BMW E36, BMW E46 and even a Mazda MX5. So maybe do some Googling around that.

                The build threads for both my surfs are on here:-



                Either way you can put whaever you like in it; but anything will require a little bit of customisation. However for such a rare and awesome truck, it'd be worth it.

                Hope that helps
                Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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                  ... and keep in touch and let us know how you get on :)
                  Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)