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Rear brake grabbing

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  • Rear brake grabbing

    Hi all new to this group, i have a 1998 hilux LN167 and lately i have been having this problem with the rear left hand brake grabbing and locking the wheel to a point that you hear a lot of noise at the drum this happens when i am slowing down and coming to a stand still only, while driving and breaking this never happens. Checked the drum for concentricity and is fine even measured it and is within limits brake shoes have about 6mm thickness in them, changed the wheel cylinder and bled the whole system with fresh hydraulic and the problem has gotten even more severe now that it is getting to be uncomfortable to drive in traffic, anyone can shed some light on this as i don't know what next to change to solve this problem........Thanks

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    Presume its not an ABS model and something is triggering it to lock up like a faulty sensor ... stands to reason as I'm thinking that its very hard for brake linings to be forced on without you touching anything in the braking system. The only other explanations I can think of is the possibility of a wheel bearing failing allowing the drum to float when not under pressure then it contacts the brake linings, or something with the hand brake mechanism applying lining pressure. Maybe back off the handbrake cable & remove the ABS fuse and test if these are the problem.

    Think your drum is ok ...as braking centers the drum around the linings, if its smooth when breaking its not likely a drum issue - problem would be worse when linings touch an out of round drum.
    Sticky caliper normally means the brake linings wont return off the drum, your issue sounds like its a sudden grabbing.

    Not likely but the brake load sensing load proportioning valve, but may be an issue. I'd try temporarily removing the link rod that tells the valve the diff is higher, and if that makes any changes then that might be your culprit. Decelerating shifts the weight of the vehicle forward, that's when its supposed to give more pressure to the rear, but without you touching the brake pedal it shouldn't affect anything.

    Final thought .. the wheel lockup might not be brake but a diff issue of some description. Drain your rear diff and check no metal.

    Cheers, Darrie