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3.0 overheating issue, someone shine a light please

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  • 3.0 overheating issue, someone shine a light please

    Hi new to the forum but I have had a few surfs in the past.

    My current surf P415 JJU is a 3.0 auto 1KZ, I love the old girl she’s done 180,000 and drives pretty straight for a surf, safe to go above 50mph lol

    anyhow disaster struck me yesterday as she boiled on a causal 4 mile trip to get my kids from school, I limped her back home by in which time she flew up to above the H on the temp gauge.

    i took the rad cap off and dumped the water as soon a shot I got back to relieve the built up pressure and allowed her to cool down, since I bought this surf (3 months ago) the interior heater didn’t work no heat came out but the car ran at a healthy temp until yesterday, so I bypassed the heater core and made sure the pipe I joined the two pipes together with wasn’t crimped.

    And to avoid any other overheating issues I removed the thermostat and while I didn’t that flush the radiator and block out 4-5 times, rebuilt her back together again and...

    She ran oddly at the ordinary running temp (without a thermostat fitted) and is okay so long as you keep the revs below 2000rpm, if you go above to let’s say overtake a car the temp goes up past the mid way point and prolonged high revs would certainly get her back in the red, when it does get hot if you ease the revs back slowly she does get back to a normal running temp.

    (forgot to mention while the hoses where undone I fired her up and the water pump pushed the water out of the heater core hose as it should)

    So any experts please, do I need a new cylinder head? I can get one for 395 from a friend that runs a company dealing in cylinder heads, but if I can save the effort of swapping one od prefer not too, I say there anything I’ve missed? Any advice would be amazing many thanks

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      Unfortunately not good news..you need a new head for peace of mind or get the one you have skimmed? Reason is the temp fluctuations you are having....but a question but why did take the thermostat out? Was it to test?
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