Hello and happy new year from mid Wales.
Have been a member of this wonderful community for a couple of years but this is my first post.
I have owned a M reg 3L manual surf for the last 6 years. We live In a very rural location and She has saved my bacon many times (snow, mud, flood ect)
Have invested a lot of money in the vehicle over the last few years but unfortunately last month she started overheating and the cooling syst is boiling.
From what I can gather by reading threads on here it's a cracked head.
Basically due to health reasons I cannot afford to sort this out as I only recently shelled out on new front drive shafts, tyres, master and slave cylinders, full service, uj joints, and ball joints

I'm reluctant to sell but wanting to test the water to see if there is any interest. The chassis Is very good. Engine sounds sweet, no loss of power.
Interior is fairly rough. Rear window motor has been removed (works but keeps getting wet so I took it out and just slide the window by hand)
​​​​​​ Rear side window got broken last month but I have sealed it with plastic so it's not damp inside.

Any advice on its value or offers to buy welcome. I've heard these models are quite rare now. It's the ssrx manual transmission. 3.0L 1kzte engine kzn130. It's a prime vehicle for modifying and doing up. I wish I could do it but with two small kids and a dodgy back, I need for o prioritise other things.
Will post an add with pics in the for sale section

Sorry for the ramble or if this post is in the wrong place.

All the best