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2L-te and 1KZ-te injector pump compatibility

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  • 2L-te and 1KZ-te injector pump compatibility

    I'm new to this platform and was hoping for some help and advice.

    I have a 1992 Surf with the 2L-te enging. Recently I experience a a niesel to injectors problem. After a lot of reading on different forums and a lot of diagnosing, I managed to figure out that the Spill valve is stuffed.

    To my Shock, I found out that a new Spill valve costs almost R8000 (442 pounds). I then managed to buy a complete 2nd hand pump for much less. To my dismay, when the pump arraved, I discovered that it was off a 1KZ-te. The pumps look identical, put the codes are different and the 1KZ-te one has a Fuel temp sensor where the 2L-te does not.

    Now my big question. Can I fit the 1KZ-te pump as is on my 2L-te and what would the effect be?

    Advice will be greatly appreciated.