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  • The adventures begins

    Just bought a 1990 Hilux surf ssr limited with a 2.4td. Complete and original, my question is what are must do mods to improve performance?

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      Hello matey!

      Greetings to Canada from the UK!

      The 2.4td is pretty sluggish to be honest (from what I've told, I've never driven one). Most tend to buy the 3.0td which was made between 1993-1995.

      Performance will never be amazing, but a few things I believe you can do are:-

      1) Fuel pump mod to allow more fuel pump in (by twisting a screw), if it's a mechanical fuel pump
      2) Resistor mod if it's an EFI fuel pump
      3) Intercooler
      4) Turbo mods etc

      I'm no expert on the 2.4 so I'd recommend having a look around on the forum

      Super cool you have a Hilux Surf in Canada though! :)

      Was your Surf imported straight from Japan, or has it come via UK, Australia, NZ or somewhere like that?
      Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)