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New Surf owner dropping in!!

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  • New Surf owner dropping in!!

    Hi all,

    New to our family is a 2nd gen Toyota Surf owned by my dad. Will be a bit of a rolling project as it's got a few bits need tidying up like the rear window which I understand is quite common and it needs a bit of paint as the laquer has and paint had been damaged after a few years of being sat around.

    ​​​Credit where it's due it spun over and started on the button with new batteries so mightly impressed with it so far. It's a handsome beast as well for a utilitarian 4x4.

    Have come from the Subaru world so know about the foibles of 4x4/AWD systems and the fun and games they can create so definitely looking forward to getting out in the surf!

    Will be joined in the Toyota stable by another import that I'm still waiting on delivery of, though I don't think that my.own will be as comfortable off road as the surf!!