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New to forum to figure out an issue with my surf

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  • New to forum to figure out an issue with my surf

    joined up on the forum in hopes of figuring out an issue with my Surf. I drive a Japanese 1990 ln130 Surf with a 2LT 2.4 diesel.

    Iíve done a few mods to it such as a EGR delete, Straight pipe with 2.5Ē exhaust, and installed a small electric fuel pump with a pre-filter to prime the engine right up to the filter so itís easier than pumping.

    Not sure if Iím allowed to post my issue in this board so Iíll leave it out for now

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    What's up with your Surf?


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      Sorry for the delay due to work reasons I was out in the boonies with nothing but a sat phone.

      I was driving it one day and after shifting into third it sputtered and stalled out, since then I donít have a glow plug light when the key is turned and even directly after it stalled when the engine was still warm it wasn't starting (even tried a sprits of starter fluid). Iím concerned this might be something big and as I live in Canada parts are rare to say the least. Now that Iím back from my few weeks Iím hoping to start toying with it.

      Just as a note, I recently had the glow plugs done as one died and since then on cold starts I had excess white smoke (more than usual) and had to hold the accelerator down to keep it from stalling out. Even after the engine got up to temp it would still sputter white smoke till you drove it for a few blocks then it would clear up.

      my first guess at this point is glow plug line and fuel rail and I plan on working my way back from the glow plugs and injectors respectfully. Any help would be appreciated


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        White smoke on start up could mean the head has gone! Mine did it for a few seconds after start up then cleared. It's worth checking all the fuel lines and primer pump as they can fail. Good luck.