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  • Surf with a Wobble !

    Hello Everyone,

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]1998 Toyota Hilux Surf 4Runner Gen 3 KZN185[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Last week I used a different garage and they have fixed the Half Shaft leaking diff oil all over the driver rear drum brake. [IMG][/IMG]

    I am still not happy with the Front Shocks, sometimes it feels like the front wheels want to come off.

    I've replaced, Steering Rack Bushes, Front and Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushes, Track Rod Ends, Wish Bones and Chamber Bolts and the car has had a full wheel alignment and balance. There is No movement from the front bearings, so I have No idea what could be wrong. I have not replaced the Steering Column and there is no play in the steering rack.

    Any Ideas ? Could it be the Front Drive Shafts ? Also Turning Left into my Driveway sometimes I hear a Clunk while on Full Lock.

    Thanks for Listening. I have owned a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for 15 years which drives so much nicer and is more comfortable than the Surf.

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    I am struggling to find the cause of this shaking coming from the front wheels / suspension / steering.


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      I've Spotted Gear Oil on Driver Rear Drum brake, I suspect this is coming from Differential. 2 weeks ago a grage fitted a new bearing and seals to the Drive Shaft, Is this the same problem ?

      Thanks for Listening. :eek:


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        Hi Branyster

        check out the link below to the haynes troubleshooting section for your problem. this should solve your problem.



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          I [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Calibri] decided to remove the Rear Wheel on the Toyota Hilux Surf, well there is Oil on the Drum, Wheel, and inside the brakes, itís leaking far worse than I thought. But the Garage 2 weeks ago assured me he's replace the Half Shalf Seal and Beering and Seals too and he even showed me the Tool he made which went into his Press. Could the New Parts be at Fault ? [/FONT][/COLOR]


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            the parts the garage got may not be correct or they werent fitted correctly? if you get the parts from roughtrax or milner offroad, they will be correct for your vehicle. you have have to replace the new parts you already have?


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              I got the Bearing Kit from RoughTrax and the garage assured me he fitted these new parts, he even had to make a Tool to go into his Press.

              Does the 3rd Gen Surf have a diff breather ? If so does that need checking ? Clean the diff breather. I have NO idea where this is ?


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                It's on top of the diff, slightly to the left . Rather then clean it you can get a new one , they are very cheap (RT or Toyota main dealer).

                Fixing the leaky half shaft is a fiddly, tricky job, many garages get it wrong the first time...mine had to be done twice too.


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                  Thanks Tashtego ! I have ordered a new Diff Breather from MilnerOffRoad. So once I have fitted this new part I am hoping Oil won't be leaking onto my Rear Brake Drum. Fingers Crossed Anyway!


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                    I hope I've bought the right part DIFFERENTIAL HOUSING BREATHER Part Number 001232G

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                      Fitted New Diff Breather, I hope it fixes Oil Leaking onto driver side rear brake drum.


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                        The diff breather won't in itself fix the problem, you have to get the bearing kit refitted if it is still leaking .


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                          Diff Oil still leaking out of drive shaft and onto O/S rear drum brake :(


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                            So Buy another Bearing Kit again ?


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                              Received some helpful advice.

                              Only way for oil leaking is through the seal. They must have hurt the tiny spring on the inside of the seal, or the locking ring is not pressed in on its place. Make sure it is a new locking ring.