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    This is for a '96 surf

    The trim colour is FZ16 which is a silver colour but I can find nothing online about it. The paint codes only mention the body colour and so far the code pages seem to be for 4Runners which have a common code for two tone paintjobs and nothing close to the FZ16 code.

    Is this the same colour as 1D2 which is thundercloud metallic? This is the silver colour used as the trim on the 4Runners.

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    Usually if you take your car to a body shop they'll either be able to translate the colour code for you, or, they can have the colour sampled which is often a better idea for older cars which might have slightly faded paint anyway.

    Sampling is when they take a painted part of your car off (usually something small the petrol cap door thingy) and send it off to their paint supplier who samples it and provides the exact match colour.

    This is what I did on my gen 2 which had been re-sprayed a different colour by the previous owner.

    Either way; my recommendation would be to speak to a good body shop.
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)