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Buying a 1996 3.0 TD in Mozambique - what to look out for?

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  • Buying a 1996 3.0 TD in Mozambique - what to look out for?

    Hi all!

    I'm currently living for a few months on the coast of Mozambique, southeastern Africa, a few hundred miles from South Africa.

    I desperately need a cheapish run-around that will handle the rough roads and sandy tracks around here. I had originally thought I would most easily be able to get a Hilux pickup, which is what the local workmen drive a lot, but the best thing I've found so far is actually a rusty example of the above-mentioned Surf, a 1996 3.0 TD. (I have photos)
    It's been sitting for a while (not sure how long). It has about 250,000 km on the clock, and it's the SSRX edition.

    There's plenty of rust spots around the body, but I've been told thus far that it's mechanically sound. I don't have much more detail yet and I'm not due to give it a spin till tomorrow.
    The batteries are being topped up right now.

    As I mentioned, I just need a reliable runaround. Parts for Surfs are not hard to come by around here, due to their popularity in the area, and I have access to decent mechanics if necessary.

    Any and all comments warmly received!


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    Hi and welcome.

    I am based in Malawi, I often travel to northern Moz (Moz island, Nacala etc). I drive a 3rd gen surf.

    Send me an email ... tashtego9athotmaildotcom