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  • Forum Rules Please Read

    1. Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated.
    2. Personal attacks on other members. If it happens bring it to the attention of a moderator, do not get involved.
    3. Flaming of any member, wether new or old is not allowed. Go easy on the newbies, they don't know how often a topic has previously been posted or a question asked, Remind them about the search function by all means, but do it constructively, by finding the post they need for them rather than just shouting search! all the time. (we were all new here once)
    4. Hijacking of threads which are relevant to a specific topic is not permitted. Please keep the thread on the topic for which it was started.
    5. If a thread is not to your liking move on or report it if its offensive, do not get involved.
    6. No spamming.
    7. If its something thats not happening on here then don't bring it here, keep it off the forum.
    8. No adult material or offensive, adult jokes. ( this is an open forum to people of all ages )
    9. In general not everyone will agree with what gets posted, you can disagree but do it constructively, without being personal, rude or slanderous or simply move on to the next thread/post.
    10. Please keep 'text' speak to a minimum, its very annoying and lazy!
    11. All for sale posts are to be made in the relevant for sale section, any
    posted elsewhere on the forum will be moved or deleted.

    Any threads post that breach the above rules will be moved to the moderators section. Moderators will review the post/thread and take appropriate against any offenders.

    Yellow cards will be issued to a breach of the above rules along with three points. The yellow card will remain in place for a set time after which it will be removed. The points will stay, tot up 12 points and you will recieve a permanant ban.
    Whilst a yellow card is in place and a further breach of the rules is made, the yellow will be upgraded to red and a permanant ban will be given.

    Whilst we accept in the most, people are grown up enough to know whats acceptable, the above rules should offer some to guidance as to what is and what is not permitted.

    Thankyou for you co-operation.
    Say not always what you know, but always know what you say.

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