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How can I open the boot of a KZN185 from the inside

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  • How can I open the boot of a KZN185 from the inside

    So, ive added a sleeping unit to my KZN185 3rd gen Surf as a stealth camper conversion. I do a lot of hiking and landscape photography and wanted something a bit more comfortable then a 1man tent.

    I can get in and out from the back doors, but its not a pretty sight as im a big old unit. Its a lot easier to get in and out from the boot, but once ive closed the boot lid I cant get it open again from the inside.
    Id also like a quicker means of escape in the case of an emergency.

    Is there a way of opening the boot (tailgate) from the inside the boot space?

    Can I make a hole and attach something to the latch release mechanism?

    Has anyone made anything before that will do the trick?

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    you can add a switch so that you can lower the window in the tailgate. you can't open the tailgate with the tire carrier locked ,or are you going to sleep with the swing-out tire carrier open?