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Suspension problem Hilux LN107

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  • Suspension problem Hilux LN107

    Hey guys Im new to this forum.

    So as the title says I have a problem related to the suspension of my ln107.

    It all started while I was slowly reversing, I suddenly hear a loud bang and afterwards I have noticed that the truck leaned a little to the left I have measured the wheel gaps on both sides, the left side is 2" lower then the right side.
    The steering wheel lost alignment, you need to have it steered 90 to the left in order to drive straight and also the rear end of the truck is extreamly bouncy, on 1 small pot hole the truck bounces multiple times.

    I had a look at the torsion bars they seem to be in good shape and the shock absorbers do have some oil but it's not fresh, I would assume if the shocks broke it would leak fresh fluid but I'm not sure about that.

    What else could be the problem? I still think it could be the shocks but I'm surprised that they could fail instantly I thought maybe they start to fail slowly by time not in a split second because the truck had a good ride to it before this happened.

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      Agh! Suspension problems in a Hilux can give you such a headache I swear. I used to have Hilux LN107 a while ago when I started providing cheap dissertation writing services to the students in my area. To be really honest I sometimes miss driving around that Hilux. Anyways, nostalgia aside, I’d suggest you to visit some local mechanic around for better solutions rather than searching up on internet. It might just confuse you instead of helping you out.


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          had the same issue


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            Jack the front end up and check everything give it a good shake and see if anything has snapped or is loose ,I don't think a shock absorber would cause this especially the steering wheel losing alignment