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  • Introduction

    Hello, before I start posting I thought I'd introduce myself...

    I've owned my KZN185 for over 10 years and it's the best car I have ever owned - when I lived in the UK, over the years, I had a Lotus Esprit, TVR Tuscan, Audi TT among others and I've had so much more fun in this.

    I emigrated to NZ 14 years ago and during a brief fling with a 350Z I saw an inter-cooled KZN185 on the back of a car transporter and followed it for 45 minutes until it stopped so I could find out what it was and which dealer it was going to... alas, it was sold and being delivered to its new owner. I still wonder how long I would have kept following but I think my fiancÚ might have said something soon anyway!

    Not long after that I found a freshly imported (from Japan) 1998 inter-cooled KZN185 in black with very low mileage so I bought that and the wife-to-be got the Z.

    It's been my daily vehicle since, that is, until the heater packed up on me in the middle of winter a couple of years ago and after a couple of failed attempts to fix it I relented and bought another commuter. Refusing to relinquish ownership, I am now in a position to "restore" it. It's not really a restoration as there's no rust (apart from the aftermarket bumper) or significant damage so it's more a tidy-up and repaint due to the clear coat de-laminating.

    If this is the right place I'd be happy to share this journey. Hopefully it won't take long, after 25 years in IT I find myself the owner of a panelbeating/refinishing workshop and it came in last week as my pet project and the painters are gagging to get their hands on it! Current thinking is blue-black pearl with a candy clear - hence my forum id

    Anyway, I'll have a read around here and look for the best place to ask questions and contribute where I can.

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    And I posted in the wrong forum, good start!
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    I also have a 3rd Gen diesel, it's 1996 and it's hard work keeping it on the road as a daily driver. Age, wear and tear are taking their toll. To make matters worse I had an accident recently so it had to have a lot of bits replaced.

    Anyway, enjoy the restoration and post pics of your progress, this is the right place!