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  • Car insurance

    What insurance do you use and why?

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    Adrian Flux. Just because they deal with modified and imported vehicles, and they offer a discount for forum members.
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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      I use A-Plan, they're happy to deal with modified vehicles and worked out cheaper than Adrian Flux for me.


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        thank you folks for sharing, I didn't even think anybody will reply here


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          When I needed to buy insurance for driving in the UK, I had a problem with it. I'm from USA, you see. And a car was rented. I don't have my own car. Every insurance agency I contacted with, tried to sell me insurance for an enormous price. Then my English friend gave me this link https://www.cheapautoinsurance.com/a...on-us-citizens. And it was very useful. The problem was that I always choose wrong insurance policy. Now I don't have such a problem. I used Progressive for my last trip to UK.


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            I use Money Expert. They provide a customer-first experience, they have low pricing and you might be able to even get a discount. I didn't know at the beginning what to look for and what might suit me best. So I contacted their service. The person that I got in touch with had great knowledge and was very friendly and polite. She was also patient enough to explain me in detail what my insurance will cover and what the costs will be. That made me trust them and make one of the easiest decisions in my life.