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  • Manually switching 4wd...


    So I've been searching forum after forum trying to diagnose the fault in my surf. I think I've narrowed it down to the 4wd ecu but want to knock the truck out of 4wd to 2wd for general driving until I get this sorted. Am I right in thinking you can get the actuators to work by switching the vac lines? If so how do I go a out this? Is the blue switch on the vsv the back and brown the front? I thought if I do this I can actually test and see if the actuators are switching properly. I did take them out and test them with a multi meter and when pushed down they all gave a reading. But thought this might be a quick easy way to test. Other than that I guess I use a 12v battery charger and pop it directly on to the actuators that right?

    I just want to completely exhaust all possible options before spending money.

    I will be changing front diff, back diff and transfer case oils this week so though I could open up the actuators while I'm at it to see what kind of condition there in.

    It just seems like I've gone through most things that have fixed people's 4wd problems and still not sorted mine.

    Thanks for any help.