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Tatty Steering Wheel

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  • Tatty Steering Wheel

    Two questions about steering wheel on my 3rd Gen Surf.

    It's starting to look tatty - very shiny and sticking is failing in certain areas. Is there a specific kit to recover it or is it easier to look for a replacement wheel in better condition?

    Can a boss be placed behind the steering wheel to provide better reach with out making the possibility of airbag activation dangerous? I lived with the surf for 12 years now and the only thing that really niggles is that when the seat is far enough away from the peddles for my legs then the steering wheel is a stretch for my arms. This necessitates having the seat bolt upright to reach the wheel and even then I find that I'm pulling myself away from the seat to reach the wheel.

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    My steering wheel is adjustable up down in and out, is yours fixed then?


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      Just had to go and check that (you'd think I'd know for sure after 12 years of ownership ). Can only find lever on left of steering column for up and down nothing for reach adjustment.