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Looking to get my 2nd gen surf back on the road

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  • Looking to get my 2nd gen surf back on the road

    My surf has been off the road for 3 years now, but looking to get it back roadworthy. Apart from bodywork rusting quite bad, it was driving fine when I decided to get a new car.

    I don't have much mechanical experience but want to try to do most of the work myself.

    I believe I need new batteries, discs, pads, exhaust, cam belt and a general service. Planning on trying to put plates on the bottom of the doors as this is where the rust is worst and haven't been able to find any suitable replacements.

    Has anyone got any advice on if I should leave some of this work to a mechanic or if the work is relatively easy? Also is there anything else that's worth changing out while i'm at it?


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    It's all pretty easy to do if you're patient enough

    Things like servicing (eg changing fluids and filtrrs) are pretty generic to a lot of vehicles so have a look at how to videos on YouTube

    Likewise with brakes
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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      Cheers man, what about the cam belt? Itís done 100000 miles and I have no idea if itís been done. Is that a step too far for a beginner?


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        It's not too bad on the 3.0 L, bigger jobbonnyje 2.4.