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5th Gen 4Runner - Headlight Adjustment for UK Roads?

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  • 5th Gen 4Runner - Headlight Adjustment for UK Roads?

    Hello Hilux Surf Forum

    Can anyone out there help me get my 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner headlights Road Legal for the UK?

    I can't find any way to make Left/Right adjustment to the Low Beam to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers here on UK roads, and I need to adjust to be able to Re-Register my T4R and get UK Plates.

    Any help/ advice/ suggestions much appreciated.

    Cheers, David H

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    Years ago I brought an Alfa from the continent over to the UK. It was LHD.

    The garage used those stickers that the AA sell at Dover (you can also find them in Halfords etc) to make the headlights compliant.

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      Thanks tashtego - good call, but unfortunately headlamp stickers are not allowed in the IVA Test for UK Re-Registration of vehicles imported from the US - Temporary Imports yes, but Re-Registration no.

      Any other help/ advice/ suggestions out there?

      Cheers, David H