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Need help deciding on best route to lift my Hilux Surf

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  • Need help deciding on best route to lift my Hilux Surf

    Hey everybody. First time posting.

    I am looking to replace the rear coils of my 1994 Hilux Surf (KZN130 3.0cc) with Old Man Emu Medium Load 1.5", which should lift the rear and improving riding conditions and sag.

    Last year, I replaced my front shocks with Ranch Rs5000 shocks.

    If I replace the rear coils, (I'd also do the rear shocks). Do I need special shocks to accommodate the 1.5" lift that the coils will provide?

    I'm also open to any suggestions of rear coils and shock combo to assist sag and slightly raise the truck.

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    To solve the sag, if you are not bothered about having the lift, the Roughtrax up-rated rear standard springs do the job very well. If you go the OME route, then why not buy the OME shocks as well, to go with the springs? Otherwise it might be tricky to find the right shock to match the OME springs.

    You will have to match the rear height by winding the torsion bars at the front.

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