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Spill Control Valve Replacement

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  • Spill Control Valve Replacement

    Hi all

    Iíve owned a 2.4 Surf in the past and have recently acquired a Toyota Granvia which has the 1KZTE 3.0 Diesel engine fitted. The Gravnia seems to be the love child of the Hilux engine with a Hiace type body.

    Iíve been troubleshooting the car over the last week and believe that the spill control valve needs replacing. The car keeps cutting out mid driving, and it feels like fuel isnít being delivered into the engine. The car will then start back up OK and can go a short while before this happens again

    Iíve ordered a SPV and have heard you can replace this on the fuel pump without needing to remove it from the engine bay. I know Iíll need a thin spanner (already acquired) however, I wondered if anyone had any tips for replacing this part without having to disconnect unnecessary parts.