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    Wow, collected my new surf SSRG Gen 4, 2005-TRN 215 i took the plunge and got one my self from Japan,
    a bit worrying departing with my money for a surf I only saw on photos, but its great, the difference from my previous Gen 3
    are worlds apart, I can't wait to get it registered and on the road.
    not sure if I like the wheels. but that's it, apart from when I get in a little sweet Japanese vice talks to me and the sat nav is in Japanese
    looks like I need to do some homework to see if I can change the language.
    May all 4 wheels keep on turning

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    how was the process of buying importing etc, and what website did you use? ive been on JCT looking at gen 2's to import


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      i to looked on JCT and i got it from SBT Japan, i can honestly say it was very easy, the frustrating bit was tracking the boat that it was on, as it took 4 weeks
      from leaving Japan stopping off at other ports around the world before it got to Bristol docs. that is where i asked for it to go.
      May all 4 wheels keep on turning


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        Any Pics?
        the wolf is always bigger when you are scared!!


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          Yes. Can we have some pics please.