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Body type 3rd Gen Surf for DVLAaaaa

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  • Body type 3rd Gen Surf for DVLAaaaa

    Help please!

    The DVLA has classed my 3rd gen Surf as a ‘Motor Caravan’ !! which would be funny, but my insurance company are not I have to change it asap

    what’s on your V5?

    is the body type classed as a 4x4 estate? - 4x4? or just an estate? (Estate on account of the large bootspace)

    Otherwise it’s a motor caravan for really short people! the irony is if you want to change a van to a camper van it causes all sorts of DVLA problems (ask me how I know, lol)

    thanks in advance

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    Mines classed and "estate" (5 seats)
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      Gotta agree with Popeye "Estate" every time.... 4 Doors, 5 seats even hairdresser's (3rd Gen's "Estate"
      18+ Years of Surfs n 10 years later me KZN 130 Spotless it wasn't but Faultless to a "T" it was expired in March 2018....My other replacement Truck is now also faultless to a "T" :-)
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        Posted twice aaaahhh
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