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  • Wheel tracking and alignment

    I need to get my front wheels tracked and aligned as I've managed to kill a pair of ko2's in about 2k miles. I thought it would be an easy enough job to get someone to do but I asked a friend who works for VW and they can't do it due to my dished wheels.
    does anyone have any recommendation of places that can do it? I'm in camberley Surrey some somewhere close would be better
    I've seem people post of a guy in Basingstoke who does a lot of work with surfs and wondered if he does it but I havnt contacted him yet.
    cheers for any help guys

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    Hi bud I got the same issue but guy told me to buy new tyres as mine is no good..ffs I use pro tyre but don't know up your way. You just need someone with laser alignment gear. Common enough dude just ring round


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      Checkout STS (Stapleton Tyre Services) I believe there Nationwide n always get mine done local if they needed n they can do Tracking, Camber & Castor angle.
      Or give Tony N a ring

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        Ebley tyres have the total laser alignment systems in most of their garages, I believe they are nationwide, the chap i saw last in our local one was superb! He even aligned the rear axle to the front, so my adjustable Panhard bar did come in handy. Just be wary, you need to make sure all the relevant fasteners are lubed up and loosened, make sure tie rod sleeves are movable etc, and the large camber/castor adjustable bolts on the lower A Arms are not seized. This way you are far more likely to get a better job done, rather that the person doing it, ending up with seized fasteners on everything they try and adjust.


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          use a ball of string and a ruler, much more accurate than lazers.... youtube it if you are unsure... for camber park on flag ground, get a bit of steel cut to right length and you can do it with a spirit level on the rims.. i also rotate my tyres every month to even out the wear