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    An explanation of the Subscription / donations, what you get and what they are for.

    This board is run on behalf of the members and is not for profit however it does cost money to run. The Web Hosting fees, the domain names, the forum software all cost money. Koi and I are not out to make money on this however we need to start recouping some of the ever mounting costs so we have set up the following level of donation that you can (voluntarily) use to help us keep it running.

    1 years membership

    Any extra money above the costs that is received from these donations will be put back to the members in various ways to be determined but could include food or something else at meets like the Devils pit one.

    For the donation you get the following:

    1. A blue star next to your name on posts so that people know what a wonderful person you are. (Yellow stars are the admins)
    2. The ability to have a custom user title rather than the standard, newbie surfer, intermediate surfer etc.
    3. The ability to have a custom avatar and profile picture rather than the standard ones.
    4. Enables your Private Message function
    5. The nice warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping this board to keep going and providing all that help and fun to members of the Surfing brother/sister hood (from now on know as "the hood").

    On the cost of the donations, the minimum donation will be as follows:

    1 year membership = 15.00

    So come on everyone, donations are not to send the admins on a nice holiday, just to help us keep what we feel is a useful forum up and running and ad free.

    Access the Subscription/Donation page here


    other methods of payment
    Pay Pal to

    Please make sure you identify your user name so donation/payment/subs can be associated with you, e mail your address, user name and identify the email account you paid it from to koi (Nigel) ( so as your profile can be updated

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