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    Heres the specs of Surfs from top spec to bottom

    SSRV Ltd
    SSRX Ltd
    SSR Ltd

    That said you will find they vary a lot as previous owner/s may have had many extras fitted.

    When the truck is being driven pay attention to any unusual vibrations.
    Lots of different things can cause vibration, here's some things to check if you suspect there is a problem

    1.Tires, are they round? Might sound silly but larger tires especially can go'out of round'. Make sure tires are at correct pressure.
    2.Drivetrain vibration. This is where it can get more difficult to determine the problem, it may just be a worn UJ on one of the props or it could be an incorrectly balanced prop, worn steering components of front driveshafts, warped discs, worn bushes/balljoints etc.
    3.Other vibrations and knocks can be caused by engine mounts insecure, gearbox or transfer box mounts insecure.

    Check all electrics for correct operation.
    All windows open and close and operate smoothly.
    Make sure rear window open and closes from the key and the switch.

    Check operation on 4wd, go through all gears, select Hi and Lo options and again drive through all gears.
    If 4wd is difficult to engage/disengage the truck may need driven back and forwards slowly to allow the diffs to engage. Sometimes the ADD system can be reluctant if it hasn't been used much.
    The 4wd on dash should illuminate when the ADD has worked properly (unless the bulb in dash has gone)
    As the ADD engages 4wd you should hear/feel a slight clunk, this is normal.

    Ask questions about servicing, it should have had regular oil changes every 3000 miles. Ask if the cam belt has been changed or when its due for a change.

    Make sure it's not been started prior to you getting there. A cold start and run up to temperature, checking heating etc. Make sure the coolant is a good colour no obvious signs of overflowing from the expansion bottle.
    Tailgate operation.
    Bump stops and wooly steering...has the recall been done.
    Any evidence of servicing.
    When up to temp check ATF
    if your in any doubt with regards to the cooling system, walk away.
    Bump stops and wooly steering,grease the stops , wooly steering, check ball joints, pitman arm..all reciprocal joints for wear.
    Get the price of NEW knocked off the asking price.
    ATF should be in good condition.
    If not get 50 knocked off for a change of fluid.

    Check the rad along the top for any rusty marks, could indicate a hole in the rad or look for any bodged soldering.

    See where the vehicle is parked and look for any signs of excessive oil on the floor and in and around the engine.

    Start vehicle from cold, there may be a small amount of smoke on start up but should not be excessive.
    Again on acceleration may be a little smoke but shouldn't be to much.

    Once engine is nice and hot check front and rear heaters for correct operation.

    Is the air con working ?

    Alot of stuff like checking seatbelts, door locks, windscreen wipers, light etc should be checked as they would for any car you where buying.
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