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Kzn130 build log

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  • Kzn130 build log

    Just starting off a wee log to remember what I've actually done on the old surf

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    Bought it bog standard, cheapest one I could find with a 1kz, bought being told injector pump recently refurbished, 2 months later it was bugger and I was in the hole for a new injector pump after that did a few small things, egr delete and a full 3" pipe


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      Few months later, found this bullbar sitting around the workshop, mount lined up, so why not!


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        Constant breakdowns, heaps of preventative maintenance and being afraid to drive it anywhere further than work and back


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          Come forward about 12 months, loose license for 6 months, so time to make a few dreams come forward, started with the spot light, look forward to being able to see at night (130 headlight bloody rubbish) next up was the roof cage, I'm definitely not a fabricator but lots of time, lots of knowledgeable people to bounce ideas off and I did it, with a lot of headaches yet to figure out the mounting part


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            Next up was the rock sliders, found an idea I wanted to use, winged it and started making them, buggered up the width and sadly had to skip the flaring out at the back but recovered it in good fashion thankfully, also yet to be mounted but more to come