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265/75/16 spare on 265/70/16

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  • 265/75/16 spare on 265/70/16

    Would using the above 265/75/16 as a spare when the other three are 265/70/16 cause any significant dramas - assuming it's minimal use while the other is sorted.

    From my poor maths am I right in thinking the '75' will be 13mm taller than the '70'?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - will save me having to move on another tyre!



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    Any thoughts from anyone? Will the slip diff on a Gen 3 be able to compensate for the different tyre sizes?



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      The chances are that the LSD is knackered anyway by now...

      But that said I'd still not do it.

      Will the diff explode/fail/die, probably not....

      But its never recommended to have odd sized tyres on one axle, driven or not.

      In reality you could probably have a larger difference from having one very worn A/T tyre of the same size compared to a new one.. (likely if people don't cycle their full size spare) but the same old question rears its head.. if there was an accident, and a report is drawn up... do you really want there to be a mark against your side of the argument saying that you were running odd sized tyres?
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      More Tyres.
      More Engine.


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        i use this people,
        i wouldnt use odd tyres either
        the wolf is always bigger when you are scared!!


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          Thanks for the replies - I should have been clearer: I'm not running it, it was a query as to whether it would be worth switching out the spare tyre, changing it for a slightly better tyre albeit slightly different. To that the duffs are fine - I put 4 new BFG ATs on 3 weeks ago so no issues there!!

          It confirms my thinking though that it isn't worth it so no need to change.