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94 4Runner 3.0 petrol manual Torqoise

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  • 94 4Runner 3.0 petrol manual Torqoise

    Ive owned this 4runner for about 2 years now,
    Its torqoise, with the expected wear and tear.
    had no need for any work on it in the time i owned it. apart from changing the alternator belt and the interior fans relay.
    car starts everytime and runs fine although lately has had a couple of insidents where it switched off without any reason while iddleing (never happened while running).
    i just turn the key and it comes back alive straight away.
    Theres no engine light codes on it, and I havent investigated this because im not sure where to start.
    engages all gears although rarely it needs a second attempt to get into first.
    reason for sale is mainly the fuel consumption. I got a diesel volvo xc90 now that does all the jobs the 4runner was used for (backup car for when my daily needs work, or trips to wickes to get materials to fix fences, buying furnichure, occasional runs to the tip and towing my project cars (only done it 3 times)

    im not really sure what to ask for it or even if im 100% decided about selingl it, the insurance is the cheapest of all my cars. and as a backup its not only reliable as well as a lot of fun.

    im just posting out here to see if there is any interest and what kind of value people would expect to pay for it.

    no air con.
    has a towbar installed and electrics working.
    all window electrics work including the moonroof
    no leaks from the moonroof
    no issues opening the tailgate
    comes with the rare factory boot plastic "4runner" shield.
    if theres anyone interested, let me know and ill send pictures in a PM

    Im located in walsall if anyone local would like to view it.

    any tips on diagnosing the misterious random switch off are most welcome.