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3rd gen breaking

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    Post 42 says it all really ....

    18+ Years of Surfs n 10 years later me KZN 130 Spotless it wasn't but Faultless to a "T" it was but expired in March 2018....My other replacement Truck is now also faultless to a "T" !!
    Buncefield Burner


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      I am looking to replace the brakes on my car. Does anyone know a good service? I have two theories, my car is a total mess, or the guys from the dealership are complete morons who never do the job qualitatively and stall until the guarantee is over so that they can continue doing a shity work only this time taking money for that. It's hard to imagine how a simple air conditioning repair servicing could lead to replacing details in the engine. I am currently fighting them in court so that I can get my money back.
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