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*DANGER WILL ROBINSON* - Warwickshire 4x4 & PTT Autos

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  • *DANGER WILL ROBINSON* - Warwickshire 4x4 & PTT Autos

    eBay Fiasco - Warwickshire4x4 #290903651383 & tiggybearho #140950599488

    Purchase of eBay item 290903651383

    I won this Gen 3 SSR-X @ 9:04 pm on Tue 23 April 2013 + immediately sent my telephone contact details via eBay message to complete the sale.

    I couldn't believe it, I had actually won & a real snip @ 2,251.....well, you know what they say about things that look too good to be true

    The seller contacted me via text on the following Wednesday morning, requesting that I phone him.

    I telephoned him back to arrange collection for Saturday 27th, the seller also kindly offered to collect me from Railway Station upon arrival....all appeared well.

    I went ahead & Bought a one-way train ticket to Hinckley that Wednesday evening & telephoned the seller to confirm my Saturday morning arrival time, he looked forward to meeting me.

    Low & behold, Friday morning I received a text from the seller, requesting that I phone him as a matter of urgency.

    I smelled a rat & immediately telephoned the seller who informed me that the vehicle had suddenly developed a serious gearbox problem, he explained that the vehicle was stuck in 2nd & was about to take it to his mechanic for
    investigation - he suggested that I call him back after 3pm.

    I telephoned @ 3:10pm & the seller informed me that the auto trans fluid was white - his mechanic suggested that the radiator core had burst, leaking coolant into the auto box, thus destroying the paper filters & rendering the vehicle undriveable - seller then told me I needed to arrange collection via other means (eg; transporter)......he insisted a decision had to be made within the hour as to whether or not I still wanted the vehicle - so he could arrange a local auction of vehicle as-is for that Saturday.

    I informed the seller that I had thought this auction win had appeared too good to be true & he hung up.....refusing to answer all further calls.

    I contacted eBay for advice via telephone, they suggested that they send a message for him to contact me, however I instead received a transaction cancellation request from the seller within the hour.

    Not put off by this fiasco, I began searching for a replacement......bugger me, on Monday 29th I came across eBay item 140950599488 - not a million miles away from myself in Wrexham, seller = tiggybearho.

    The Surf was on sale/offers @ 4,650 - it looked to be the exact same Surf that I had won the previous week.....it was mine alright, somehow repaired over one weekend & less the Bull-Bars.....*NOTICE THE CREASE TO REAR O/S BUMPER*

    I contacted tiggybearho (actually PTT Autos Ltd of Bridgnorth, Shropshire - not Wrexham)....they basically told me where to get off, not very nice people at all.

    I felt sick & went back to eBay - told them everything & left negative feedback for the original seller however, this was later removed due to seller transaction cancellation - go figure

    Net result????........stress, 30 wasted on rail ticket & no action appears to have been taken against any of these dodgy c*#ts.
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    Looks the same one to me as well


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      Well spotted....we could do with a list of 'dodgy' Surf sellers and the cars they use so we can avoid them...

      There was 5 the same found on Gumtree the other week.