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Anyone recommend a decent 4x4 specialist in Birmingham?

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  • Anyone recommend a decent 4x4 specialist in Birmingham?

    Got a bunch of work i'd like doing on my surf but i've had pretty bad experiences with some of the garages in my neck of the woods.

    Anyone recommend a place that knows hilux's in or around Birmingham?


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    I've found a couple of garages that will work on them but they do not come cheap, which is why i try to do most things myself when my health allows.

    What sort of work are you looking to get done ? maybe do it yourself with me supervising at present as recovering from back operation.


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      Suspension work unfortunately - popped over to Vince/Bushwackers on Friday to pop some non-bling wheels on and found that the front end was slightly too low to accommodate them. Best guess was the suspension had 'sagged' so I'm going to order in some new front and rear springs from rough trax.

      More than happy to get my hands dirty (and in fact I'd prefer to learn how to fix things myself regardless) with an experienced head supervising (good to know there _is_ an experienced head in Brum) - got the impression that fitting new springs needs some kind of compressing device?



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        I have spring compressors in the tool box so no issues there.

        Little busy with work this week and will need to rest the weekend but potentially the one after should be OK


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          Knowing how delicate ya are just now Andy, there's n Idea "A tech meet" like what used to happen in a given area ...
          More hands make light work n ya supervisors job is safe !!
          Only proviso is all attendee's have to bring ya Tea n Cakes
          Best Wishes for a full recovery mate ..

          11+ Years of Surfs ..... n Faultless to a "T" is my Yota !!
          Buncefield Burner


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            Next week/weekend sounds like a grand idea - though i've already heard horror stories about spring compressors destroying whole city blocks/planets/peoples faces (so it'd be good to have someone who's experienced with them rather than me buggering it up on my own).

            Bizarrely my week days are totally flexible (I can work from home when I need to) but the only day i'm free weekend after this one is Sunday.

            Latest quote I got from garage - 300...without Springs included.


            I can't afford to replace the shocks...but it it worth me buying in the bushings as well (I didn't get a close look at them but i'm assuming if the springs are sagging then everything else in there is probably reasonably aged?)



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              I would say wait and get springs and shocks in one go. The springs will only need to come off again to do the shocks later.


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                Sadly for me I can't afford new shocks right now (or for the next couple of months until I land a new contract) however I need to get the Hilux up to the right height (ish) _now_ so I can swap my blingy wheels for sensible wheels (from Bushwacker).

                Which is a backwards way of saying I wasn't going to do my springs or shocks at all originally until I found out that my car currently can't accept stock wheels (on the front at last) because it's sagging a little _too_ much.

                Since I definitely want to get rid of the drug dealer inspired alloys I have currently (attracts the wrong kind of attention in Birmingham) I'll have to bite the bullet on having to re-do the shocks later on down the line - if i can make it waaaaay down the line then I'll replace both shocks and springs with 2" lift anyway.


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                  So. Anyone about this Sunday at all?
                  No worries if not but I figured i'd check before I planned anything over it

                  Happy to drive to you etc!



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                    Hey Ant

                    Any chance of dropping the stands back over this week ??

                    My sons looking to do some work on his wife's car and will need them for safety