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Glow Plug Relay Location

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  • Glow Plug Relay Location

    Hi All,

    iíve Been searching the forum for an hour or so to no avail, apologies if my question is listed somewhere I just canít find,

    can an anyone tell me where to find my glow plug relay, itís not on the inner wing, from pics I have found they show a square and a round unit on the inner wing, I have the round but not the square,

    any my pics would be helpful

    curiosity, what is the round one? What does it do?

    also where can I find the timer for the plugs/relay?

    cheers Jason


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    Hi. My vehicle is 1994 Hilux Surf, ssr-x 3.0 L Turbodiesel Model Y-KZN 130W, Engine 1KZT. I am having starting problems when cold. I used to hear a click after about 8-10 seconds, cannot be sure now.

    I want to check the relay - which I have found (inner wing, passenger side (right hand drive vehicle) in engine compartment, "square" in shape, and labelled as glow plug relay.

    I need to know how I can test it with a multimeter. I do not know what the connections are - e.g. does the glow plug fuse connect straight to the relay, which connects straight to the glowplug bus bar?... The trouble with circuit diagrams including relays in them, is when it is a complicated relay, it shows a wire going in, but does not show the "decision/connection" route to the outlet from that big relay....

    I have now replaced the only 2 glowplugs I can get at easily, and they show good (<6ohm resistance). Its a little tricky to test volts at different times when you don't have someone to turn the ignition key while you hold the multimeter!

    So - what is the simple process, (steps for each, what terminal, how to know which terminal, what stage in start up, what volts or ohms at that stage, with relay working (on, and off correctly) and what happens when relay NOT working) with a multimeter, to check relay, water temp sensor... -what else? (-Some ECU terminal? for glow plugs?)...

    ANY help greatly appreciated, especially if accurate and specific, including "don't know x but know y". Thank you.
    I have ONE DAY and a half to sort this...


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      So - some forward progress. On ignition on, 11ish Volts showing between tip of glow plug terminal and engine body -- for SEVENTEENish seconds (counted in head). A good long heat. Then zero. Environment temperature approx zero (weather report this area, and ice forming on windscreen).
      I would have thought that holding the ignition on then (part way, for glowplug heat) THREE times before starting, would give enough warmth. However, it still took a LONG crank - 15-20 seconds - to get the engine to catch.
      Next check will be to see if there is the intermediate glowplug voltage that should persist until the water temperature gets up to (whatever temp...?) to aid cold running. I found zero volts when I checked, but not certain how long after starting I did that check.
      IF it IS going straight to zero after the 17 second initial 11 volt heat, then - QUESTION: - : what is the conclusion?
      1. water temp sensor phase not functioning? - or what? - and how to test?
      2. This model of Hilux doesn't do the 2nd stage glowplug heat phase?