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New Surf Owner - Help Wanted…

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  • New Surf Owner - Help Wanted…

    Hey all, I’m Chris from Redditch… Purchased my Gen 3 KZN185 Surf a few months back with a few minor issues… I have no mechanical knowledge so with help from a friend sorted the majority of the problems… however - the vehicle had an issue with exceeding 40 MPH then going into some sort of limp mode (amber engine management light also comes on)…

    The light would come on every now and then and the car would be gutless…

    After the problem seem to resolve itself (a good blast along the motorway etc).

    I recently took it on a 900KM trip which the car did more than well, however the light is coming on again and the vehicle is becoming gutless again DAILY this time…

    I have run a ‘paper clip diagnostic’ on the vehicle and believe I’m getting error code 14… also unsure if the O/D light flashing is significant during the diagnostic…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this vehicle needs to be used daily..

    Thanks in advance ☺️

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      Code 14 is IIRC Timer Control. Have you done timing belt?