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IP re-seal / timing belt / seals - now belching smoke! '93 2L-TE 2.4 LN130

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  • IP re-seal / timing belt / seals - now belching smoke! '93 2L-TE 2.4 LN130

    Hey folks,

    Like the title says, I got the IP re-sealed, swapped the timing belt and some oil seals, put in back together and now it barely runs and smokes heavy. Only had it running a couple times now stationary.

    Question - how does one advance or retard the timing? With the engine running? The timing mark on the pump is dead on with the mark on the engine.

    I'm also going to try and adjust the spill control valve. Lots of smoke means fuel rich I guess so I'll back it off to start.

    I hand cranked the engine once I lined up the cam / IP / crank sprockets with their timing marks to make sure the marks would line up again after a couple revolutions.

    To add salt to the wound, it seems my kickdown cable won't extend now...dam it all.

    Help appreciated.


    P.S. Sorry to the mods - I didn't see the 'New Users - First time posts' section initially..

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    Am I relieved! Engine is running smooth. I left a rag in the intake elbow that goes to the turbo. But now the turbo goes out and the engine light comes on. And I still have to deal with the kickdown cable. Anyone ever driven without one?