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Which springs & dampers?

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  • Which springs & dampers?

    Kzn185 surf.
    I fitted a set of uprated rear springs & dampers from KS International (available on ebay) and a set of uprated springs and dampers on the front from Roughtrax (their budget range) at the same time. They instantly cured the saggy arse and droopy front, and gave me approx 1.5 inch lift over standard. This was about 3 years ago. The suspension is still in good order and still gives the enhanced ride height, however, as I get older, I would like some comfort in my ride. The current set up just crashes through pot holes or when on unmetalled roads.
    Any recommendations for a more ‘arm-chair’ type ride quality?
    Ta muchly.

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    The only quality option I know of is the Old Man Emu suspension, I too bought the uprated shocks and springs off KS International a while back, but unladen it is too stiff. They warm up after a few miles first thing and soften, but I would prefer something more road orientated.


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      I installed the Pedders 2" Lift SetUp and find it perfect for Road Use..