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Surf seems down on power?

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  • Surf seems down on power?

    Hello, this is my first post here. I own a 1994 KZN130 and it seems like it's got a lack of power. It climbs revs fine while in neutral, but fails to even get past 3000rpm when driving normally. Feels a bit like it's limp mode. The turbo spools up and it wants to get up and go but for some reason once it hits 3000rpm, (which takes ages) the revs drop and it just struggles.

    Many people with similar problems seems to say it's either fuel or boost causing the issue. The turbo seems fine - will tap a boost guage later to check though, so I'm inclined to think it is fuel. I have replaced the fuel filter but that didn't do anything. Could it be clogged injectors or fuel lines? I just hope it isn't the fuel pump those are worth $$$.Hanging out for a cheap and easy fix. Maybe you guys could give some suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum Simmo.

    Have you checked the ECU?