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  • Additional security

    What additional security do you have on your Surfs? Reading about a Forum member who had their Surf stolen and used in a ram-raid made me think about it. And the recent EBay Surf posted on Facebook for an excessive price also made me think that the insurance would never pay back what Iíve got in my Surf.
    I have an old Cobra alarm/immobiliser that was fitted when I bought it, and I have just bought a Bullock Absolute steering/pedal lock. Sadly explosives and electricity arenít options. So what do you use?

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    Not allowed 1) tools 2) matches 3) sharp objects

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    Good question, was thinking bout making a st/st mesh cage for the rear so I can leave some stuff in the back, ya got me thinking now. A gurt big dog for the front seat maybe, removable handbrake knob ? Chrome chain - pedal to steering wheel ? lol


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      I've got the old alarm / immobiliser but have also bolted in a vehicle safe for wallet/phone/passport sized stuff, and wired in a hidden kill switch so it won't start.



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        Also the same as Pye Master a hidden Kill Switch is worth its weight in Gold, I also have an alarm, and a device from SEND Technology that has an intruder sensor that actually sends a text to my phone if there a break in once the alarm is set.